We are the student management consultancy from Aachen

Voices Of Our Members

Nicolas Röwert
"Through aixsolution, I was able to use my own skills in a
value-adding way in the real economy while I was
still studying and grow personally as a result. Especially by taking on
projects and personnel responsibility, I was able to gain a lot
of instructive experience that you otherwise only gain
years later in your professional life."
Melina Reiter
"At aixsolution, I had the opportunity to
help organize the applicants days and found it
very exciting to sit on the other side of
the interview. I quickly noticed that after a short
time you approach such interviews
much more routinely."
Jan-Philip Erdmann
aixsolution has provided me with extensive
practical experience and comprehensive skills training,
especially in the past board year. Nowhere else
can leadership skills, communication management
or decision-making competence be built up so effectively
through the company-oriented structures.

Our Executive Board

1. Chairman
Board QM

Florian Pfau

Board UK

Philippe Gien

F&R and PR

Philipp Ruprecht

DS und Netwzerke

Kevin Sander

Board HR

Jessie Küppers

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As head of quality management, I ensure that the entire association meets very high quality standards in its internal work and on external projects. To this end, I work with the entire Quality Management department on issues such as structured knowledge and process management, training opportunities for all association members, and the regular collection and incorporation of feedback from customers and members. In addition, I am largely responsible for the annual audit of the association by our umbrella organization, the Association of German Student Business Consultants (BDSU). In my position as 1st chairman, I also represent the association in the BDSU and participate, for example, in chairman conferences with the representatives of other student management consultancies from all over Germany in order to discuss and shape the future direction of the association.

As a board member for corporate contacts at aixsolution e.V., I am responsible for the corporate contacts department. Among other things, my tasks include maintaining contact with the respective cooperation partners of aixsolution e.V., who offer our members insights into the world of management consulting via workshops, for example. Furthermore, I am responsible for the acquisition of new consulting projects. Accordingly, I am the first contact person of the association for project inquiries from companies and I conduct the first talks with companies that are interested in cooperation within the scope of a project.

In cooperation with the head of department, I plan upcoming tasks for the department of corporate contacts and I take care of the implementation of the strategic goals for this department, such as the acquisition of consulting projects in Belgium and the Netherlands. 

As the Board Member for Finance & Legal, I am the contact person for any legal and financial issues. Topics that thus fall under my responsibility are the creation and revision of contracts for projects, cooperations and events, as well as the legal support of our project teams. As treasurer of the association, bookkeeping, budget planning and tax returns are also part of my responsibilities.

In Public Relations beats the creative vein of the association, here the image of aixsolution is carefully shaped. Everything that students and companies see of us is under my responsibility. Our tasks are manifold: From designing our advertising campaigns on campus, to podcasts, web design, organizing booths, social media, as well as many other marketing tasks. I am especially responsible for the website, which I built a few months ago with all the technical details including maintenance. 

My function as board member for “Digital Solutions” and “Corporate Contacts (Networks)” at aixsolution e.V. is, on the one hand, to shape and strategically align the digital orientation of the association and, on the other hand, to establish contact with universities, institutes, initiatives and politics. The elementary part of the department “Digital Solutions” is the expansion of the consulting spectrum by the area of IT consulting – for this we hold internally “Digital Insights” in the style of a TED Talk or prepare trainings for the members to create digital core competencies or to expand them. In the “Corporate Contacts (Networks)” department, I act as a contact person for our network partners and am responsible for profitable cooperation. Especially as the upcoming host of the autumn congress (HK21) of our national umbrella organization (BDSU), this contact is of great importance, as our association has to build up a diverse network for this purpose.
In the Human Resources department, I am primarily responsible for recruiting new trainees for the association. In this context, we organize the entire application phase and I am happy to act as a contact person. In addition to the application phase, we also coordinate the Candidate Program, which allows us to offer interested students an insight into the work of our association.
In addition to the classic tasks of the HR department such as membership development, building up the training portfolio, as well as collecting and passing on specific competencies, we organize our association events and other socials in the HR department – even if these look different in times of Corona. Last but not least, we keep in touch with our alumni.

Our Departments

Public Relations

The creative minds of aixsolution are in this department. Our main responsibility is to create a positive image and an appropriate media representation of the association. We ensure this on our social media channels facebook and Instagram as well as recently again via LinkedIn. It is important that we always stay up to date, which can sometimes be quite difficult with so many active members who are everywhere. Whether competitions, company fairs, work meetings or social events, something happens at aixsolution every day – and the people from PR are always there.
One of the biggest tasks for the department is to design a new attractive recruiting campaign at the beginning of each semester to attract new applicants to our association.

Quality Management

The long-term goal of the department is to secure the future of the association. This includes the documentation of internal association processes, knowledge management, member surveys, as well as our processes for continuous improvement at all levels. When dealing with external customer projects, the Quality Management department comes into play in the support of the project teams as well as in the customer survey at the end of the project. Another major challenge is the preparation of the annual audit, which takes place in September each year, by our umbrella organization BDSU, the Association of German Student Consultancies. During the audit we are put through our paces by our umbrella organization and certified as a student consultancy. At the same time, the exchange with other student self-initiatives from all over Germany is encouraged and we gain profound insights.
QM has once again done a great job this year and was able to provide aixsolution with an excellent audit.

Digital Solutions

The main tasks of the Digital Affairs Department are not only to ensure the functionality and security of the association’s IT infrastructure, but digital content is also playing an increasingly important role in external project business. Impulses for our customer projects in the areas of digitization and Industry 4.0 are mainly provided by this team.
A further objective in the newly started financial year is the conception of IT workshops, which are created in-house in order to impart advanced IT knowledge such as Visual Basic for Application. In the last semester, an Excel training with the members of aixsolution was successfully conducted.

Ressortarbeit Studierende

Corporate Contacts

The main task of the department Corporate Contacts is to represent aixsolution to company representatives and to acquire external projects.
The dedicated team is responsible for communicating aixsolution’s competencies and expertise at trade shows and events. After the first contact with customers has been established, this relationship is constantly driven forward. In addition to project acquisition, the department establishes cooperations with renowned management consultancies, with which regular exchanges are held with our members in the context of workshops.

Human Resources

What would we do without our HR department? Probably the general mood in the club would be anything but lively.
But thanks to the great team of HR, fortunately this is not the case, and we are grateful for dedicated department members who are primarily responsible for the interpersonal aspects within the association. Right now HR is in the peak phase, because it is recruiting time again. Now, huge amounts of applications are carefully screened, the applicant days are organized and carried out and the onboarding of the trainees is planned. In addition to these tasks, two other keywords are particularly important to HR: cohesion and development. In order to ensure this, special events are regularly organized, such as the annual club weekend, the summer and Christmas party or various other joint activities

Finance & Legal

The members of aixsolution, who always know a little bit more precisely than everyone else – yes, that is the F&L department. The dedicated team is responsible for all legal and financial issues. This means, for example, that DSGVO-compliant structures are set up for internal association data. And this is exactly what we members have been feeling in the last few weeks. Apart from many additional forms, there was always a little comment on this conformity at every project presentation – but somebody has to keep track of it.
In the current business year F&L plans to restructure the financial administration and to introduce a new administration tool.
Due to the small size of the department, there are no defined areas of responsibility and most tasks are directly assigned.


At aixsolution, students with the most diverse backgrounds are active. Through our club culture we create a familiar working atmosphere and mutually benefit from our individual strengths and the contents of the different courses of study.



We meet every week on Tuesday to learn about the current status of projects and to discuss other important association topics. Here there is also the possibility to present current projects and to work in the department.


In addition to the club work, we organize numerous activities, such as an annual summer party, a cozy Christmas party or other socials and joint club trips.

Soziales Studierende

Regulars' table

At the beginning of every month our aixsolution Stammtisch takes place in Aachen. Here you can get to know other club members on a personal level in a relaxed atmosphere.