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Grow beyond yourself with aixsolution

Why aixsolution

You think you can do more? You would like to grow beyond yourself?
Then you fit in well, because that is what we want! Together with us you will work in interdisciplinary teams and will not only receive valuable
corporate contacts, but also generate long-term added value. With us you can apply the theoretical skills you have learned to real business cases.

In addition to the professional work, fun comes not too briefly with us. At regular intervals, we organize social events, club weekends, club trips, exciting events of our umbrella organization BDSU and much more!

Apply your theoretical knowledge in exercize

Expand your professional network

Work in interdisciplinary teams

Get to know interesting people

Ready for Process Mining? Virtual Reality? Digital Transformation?

Whether informatics student or absolute beginner, it is time to use the potential of the digital era. Build the new center of digital solutions with us and transform your theoretical knowledge into real successes.

What you bring to the table

Do you identify with most of the traits stated below? Then apply to us!



Special Character


Time management





Team player


What you get


Discover your career opportunities in the club

External projects

Find out what opportunities you have to get involved in external projects



Head of Department

Board of Directors

Senior Consultant

During the 5-month trainee period, you will go through interesting training sessions and get to know the club life of aixsolution. Together with other trainees, you will work on an exciting project, which will give you a first impression of the everyday life of a student consultant. In your department you have the possibility to take over smaller or bigger tasks and to bring the association forward with your input.

After you have successfully completed the trainee phase, you will be accepted as a member of aixsolution. You now have the opportunity to apply for external projects and gain more experience. As a member you can also apply for the position of project manager or project controller, but you should already have carried out an external project. In aixsolution itself you can participate in further interesting trainings and workshops, contribute your personality as a department head and get elected to the executive board.

With us you have the opportunity to grow beyond yourself and to gain first experiences as a department head. You take responsibility for your department and organize and delegate the internal tasks. Together with your team you can develop new ideas and new concepts to further develop aixsolution.
As a board member you have the unique opportunity to lead and develop the association responsibly for one year. Here you distinguish yourself through your interdepartmental work and learn in a very short time what it means to lead and represent an association. Your regular tasks include, for example, holding the weekly club meetings.
Senior consultants are among the most experienced members of aixsolution. They have already completed several consulting projects and have supported and advanced the association with their work.

Project member

Project manager


As a project member you have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the projects of your choice. The field of application is completely variable. During the projects you strengthen important soft skills such as presentation techniques or team skills and acquire valuable knowledge in the industries you work in. In addition, you will learn to work with other companies and systematically solve complex problems. You work with real companies on real problems and can create real added value. Is there a better way to put theory into practice?
After you have gained first project experience as a project member, you can become a project manager. As project manager you are responsible for an entire external project. Thus you coordinate the work of the project members and are the contact person for the company you work with. You report to the association and represent aixsolution in your important role to the outside world. 
For members who have already completed projects as project members and managers, the role of project controller is open. As a project controller, you will bring in your concentrated experience by strategically steering and monitoring projects. Your task is to ensure high quality standards and to be available to the team as an experienced contact person.


1. Application

You would like to get involved with aixsolution? Then simply fill out the application form quickly and easily. The form is open during the application deadlines. 

2. Application Days

If your application is successful, we will invite you to one of our digital applicant days where we want to get to know you even better. Case studies and interviews will give you a first insight into the work of a student consultant.

3. Trainee

If you also convince us at the application day, you will be accepted as a trainee at aixsolution. Through interesting trainings, active association work and an exciting trainee project, you will be well prepared for the future tasks of a student consultant.

4. Consultant

After completion of the trainee period, nothing stands in the way of your work as a consultant. In addition to the association work, there is also the possibility of participating in further training courses and becoming a project manager, department head or even a member of the board. With aixsolution, there are no limits to your possibilities!

You would like to apply?

The application phase is currently closed and will reopen at the beginning of the next semester. Activate the reminder to be informed as soon as the next application phase starts again.

Candidate Program

Too late for the application period or you want to get to know us first? 
The Candidate Program is our special retention program for students of all disciplines who are interested in consulting.

The program offers you the opportunity to get to know us and our association life through workshops and other events. If you fit in with aixsolution, you have the chance to receive a wildcard for the Candidate Days.

The Candidate Program is independent of the general application period – you can still join us after the application deadline.

Candidate Studierende


There is no fixed number. We look at how many people are needed in each department and in the end we still have some leeway.

Yes, we also accept students from very early semesters if they fit in well with us. After all, it is also nice for the association to have long-standing members.

No, of course not. But ideally you should be in Aachen for at least another 1.5 years.

This is of course annoying, but can happen with the many applications we receive every year. You can simply reapply next semester or in the meantime take a look at the candidate program to get to know the club a bit better.

In our club you are a trainee for about one semester. As a trainee you will listen to some training sessions and work together with other trainees on an internal project. Once you have completed this “mini-training”, you are a full member and can apply for projects.

You can apply during our application phase using the application tool. For further information please activate the application reminder.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you an alternative date, because we look at all applicants on one weekend in order to be able to compare them all as well as possible. But you are welcome to have a look at our candidate program, which takes place during the semester.

Any questions about the application or aixsolution?

Executive board member – Human Ressources und Public Relations

Borna Mousavi